Thursday, December 8, 2011


Seychelles Freedom Party Press Conference that Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation(SBC) Is Still Not Showing....

Seychelles Freedom Party

Press Conference Round Table of Political Parties Seychelles

Boycott result of National Assembly has exposed deep challenges for the democratic experiment for the Seychelles.

After the Boycott results, parties asked what next. Seychelles Freedom Party called for round table dialogue with all parties to chart a course forward.

International organizations such as the Commonwealth, Francophonie SADC have urged the government to move forward with “DEMOCRATIC REFORMS” and the Commonwealth in its last report on the May 2011 Presidential elections said” ….after Eighteen (18) years of multi-partism….the Seychelles is yet to make a complete democratic transition”.

Mr. Michel has written to the Election Commission and given the commission mandate to implement “ELECTORAL REFORMS”.

Seychelles Freedom Party welcomes the call for a round table by the Election Commission. We have attended these meetings with the Election Commission and present have been PL represented by Mr. Simon Gill, cc member. SNP has sent Wavel Ramkalawan. DP has sent Ralph Volcere. PDM has attended with Mr. David Pierre.

The mandate of the Election Commission is to assess the need for electoral reforms and make recommendations to Government.

Electoral Reforms are only one small part of DEMOCRATIC REFORMS recommended by the SADC Commonwealth, Francophonie.

The Government of Seychelles has yet to propose a mechanism to move forward with DEMOCRATIC REFORMS, which is much needed in Seychelles today, after Eighteen years of collective neglect of the SPPF PL and SNP in this area.

Examples of abrogation of the Constitution of the 3rd Republic we have to deal with are:

1. Preamble of Constitution insures individual rights are best protected by a democratic pluralist system;

2. Chapter II Curtails the granting of citizenship and we have seen a proliferation of citizenship being granted under the Immigration decree, a one party state law still in place;

3. Provisions to protect from unlawful arrest, detention, without reasonable suspicion has been abrogated;

4. Freedom of Expression under threat;

5. Right to Assemble, abrogated by inaction for over 18 years;

6. Freedom of Movement, restricted on access to beaches;

7. Right to Use and Enjoyment of Property, abrogated;

8. Equal Protection has not been respected and has been abrogated

throughout the last 18 years;

9. The Right To Information abrogated by no FREEDOM OF


10. State recognizes Right to Health Care- Good health care beyond WHO

minimal standards.

11. Right To Shelter has been promised but not delivered to all Seychellois

only to party supporters;

12. Fundamental duty of all citizens uphold defend constitution and

Implement preamble.

13. Article 49 Interpretation of “Democratic Society”.

14. Article 84 (1) There shall be a Leader of the Opposition who shall be elected from members of the National Assembly.

15. Executive authority of the Republic vests in the Executive.

16. New amendment “Collective responsibility of Cabinet” abrogates Freedom of Expression and Right to hold beliefs contrary to others, Freedom of Association.

17. Article 94 (1) (3)…..The Speaker shall, after consultation with the President and the Leader of the Opposition, determine the order of priority for the presentation of bills to the National Assembly.

18. Article 105(1) provides for salary of Leader of the Opposition.

The proper course of conduct after the results of the election where no party in the opposition participated and PDM obtained less then 10% of the vote to get a seat in the National Assembly, should have been NULL AND VOID the results because it did not meet the minimal mandatory requirements the Constitution of Seychelles.

By proceeding, in action the Election Commission which has validated the results, and the National Assembly, which has sworn itself in without an opposition, has as well ABROGATED the Constitution of Seychelles.

The proper course of action at this time, to rectify this political malaise, is to open dialogue with all parties, but with engagement of high level officials at the Secretary General and Leadership level, to chart a course forward to reassess the Constitution and adopt necessary reforms in light with democratic best practice.

Meetings must be public and open, contributions accepted from all stakeholders, and the final proposed democratic reforms that concern the Constitution be submitted to the people of Seychelles for REFERANDUM approval.

Laws that have to be amended must also be quick listed and so submitted to a new National Assembly for approval.

The existing National Assembly is Ultra Vires and does not meet the minimal requirements of a pluralistic democratic house as required under the Preamble of the Constitution and relevant provisions cited earlier.

We call on Mr. Michel, to set our democratic house in order. We have many challenges ahead, and we cannot face them as a divided country.

In line with this, we must all never forget the overriding principle that has taken our people to where they are today: SESEL POU SESELWA!


Anonymous said...

Gill has exposed PL single handedly with SFP people. This is obvious.

Where is SNP ?

Where is DP?

Why do they not work with Gill?

He is outsmarting everyone.

Come on guys, get real.

Anonymous said...

Pissed off- say Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Go ahead, say it!

Anonymous said...

Pissed off- say Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Go ahead, say it!

Anonymous said...

Pissed off- say Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Go ahead, say it!

Anonymous said...

Please.....SHOOT ME!!!!

Anonymous said...

Bullet is too expensive for a crook like you ,Pp has bankrutped us we donot have money to pay you a bullet,hang yourself it is cheaper.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

He must have lost his arsenic pill!


Anonymous said...

This is single handedly a huge joke.

Anonymous said...

Good job. I will copy the conference and give it out to people as Xmas present like Jeane D'arc is doing.

Pissed off- if you want your personal copy give me your address.

Anonymous said...

Party Lepep has bribed the judges and David Pierre has just won his case to become the Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly.

This is the worse day for JUSTICE in Seychelles and I would ask the Chief Justice and all the lawyers in Seychelles who believe in an independent Judiciary Branch of Government to step down and refuse to go to court. By doing so, you will be showing solidarity with the people of Seychelles as it is now clear there is no judiciary branch of Government left in Seychelles, but rather a Court of Appeals that is clearly in the pocket of James Michel. McGregor is a traitor to justice for the people of Seychelles and so is that joke of an Attorney General Ronny Pineapple face Govinden.

Sooner or later, bullets will start flying in our country as we need to take our country back with violence. The days of talking are over as no one is listening and Party Lepep continues to dismantle justice with corrupt judges in their pockets.

As for David Pierre, he is nothing but a loser who was paid SR 5 million by Parti Lepep plus promises of Opposition Leader if he stood. Cash all went through the dirty hands of notary Gerard Maurel, another traitor hiding behind sheep's skin and pretense. All those people are Judas' that will sell our democracy for a silver coin!

Fucking bastards all of you traitors and I hope you get what's coming to you soon. Start hiding behind closed doors and wearing bullet-proof vests as your bodyguards might just be the ones who put that bullet into your brains. Remember Kabila of Congo? Remember Julius Caesar and Brutus?

Anonymous said...

The granting of a seat by "theft" and opposition to the will of the voters to PDM the "PL Spongebob party" is expected.

However, it does not change the equation in that the Constitution has been systematically broken by PL SPPF. In fact, the Court of Appeals ruling strengthens this argument.

We are still in a one party state.

This time the Seat in national assembly, has been dubiously given by PL Judges. What is the difference, unless you hold some kindred to David Pierre?

The man has been paid and everyone knows that.

We all see Pierre and even Davidson Barra pimped out everyday in town for drinking sessions.

Get Real.

The job of delivering democracy is still to be done.

PDM Sponge Bob Party changes nothing, except expose Michel's desperation.

Desperate men drowning cling to straws to float.

The problem now, is Michel has ignited the extreme elements of the opposition that politicians have no control over.

Pray for Seychelles!

Seselwa Unite!

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

Christopher Gill
Seychelles Freedom Party

Pissedoff said...


Anonymous said...

Pp gifted Pierre a seat in order to make Int.Communisties think we in a Democracy.But what PP did not figure out before gifting Pierre a seat is that Pp can no longer hide to fake ,it does it now in day light.In a word,Pp expose itself without having to do it.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Pierre party has one supporter/one memeber, namely Pierre himself.So who is Pierre representing then?

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

We know that Mcgregor was the Speaker whilst he was still a member of the central committee of the sppf, we know he was and is always a member of the sppf, we didn't expect a fair hearing from him, but the bigger culprit is Mathilda Twomey who once formed part of the framers of the Constitution representing the Democratic Party. Since her appointment on the Court of Appeal she has been nothing but a big disappointment for everyone. She who was victimised by the very system she is now trying to protect and maintain is unbelievable, she is no better that David Pierre in my opinion, a bigger traitor to the Seychellois public. In the last Court of Appeal session she critised the lawyers for using inappropriate language not becoming of the legal profession, she forgot that she was a simple lawyer in Macgregor's Chambers and later in the AG's Office, then Pardiwalla's Law Practice she was the most rude among the lawyers, she was rude to the Judges and would slam the Courtroom door. We do have short memory sometimes. She's lost all respect and hope we had in her, she's shown her true colours. After she receives her fat salary she flies off to her adopted country Ireland far from the suffering of JJland, where those with no adopted country has to live with the brunt of her bad decisions. Some people have no heart or concience.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how those goons can be brain -washed by money.

Mathilda seems to know how a lawyer should speak in a court but does not know her own responsibility and how a real court should work.Why just shut her asshole.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

DP/SFP/SNP/PDM You are all the same.C.GILL AND M.TOMMY help write our CONSTITUTION.What difference it make all of you are,TRAITORS,DECEIVERS,GREED ETC..


Anonymous said...

Pp goon
If today you seeing the light after thirty -three years of Pp dictatorship and eighteen years of fake opposition is because of SFP.If yesterday you have the first Boycott that has shaken PP to its roots is becuase of SFP who spearheaded its success,and i can give you a list of acheivement by SFP in a very short time but still your little half brain in limited and donot not has the capacity to record it all.

Any Seychellois is free to join SFP,as to the likes of David,Adam should they want to do the same well they probably would have to come forward ,face the people,look at them straight in the eyes and ask for foergiveness and then they might be accepted too.We bleive man can change,it would then be up to them to first prove themselves.We also expecting RAm the stooge of Pp to do the same,David has made a first short step iby exposing his own master hope RAM would at stop crawling to Statehouse and start doing something right for his country istead of prostituting with the Butcher.

Time for regime change.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Seriously speaking i did not see anything special or different with SFP and SNP/DP/PDM an opinion that many who beleive in change share.
You all just keep singing,dancing old tune over and over again but your action say otherwise.

I wonder what kind of light you are talking about.To me you look like a very confusing SFP saying one thing and doing the opposite.You talk as if you come from HEAVEN BLAMELESS WITHOUT SIN,this is something most politicians do just confusing people with all kind of rubbish trying to win people heart.

Your boycott,55percent voted J.MICHEL and 25 PP now in the national assembly.Now tell me fraud,etc....Your falling in love with D.SAVY have nothing to do with me nor your problem with RAM.
Again and again the fact remain your are all the same,many seychellois share that same opinion it's the talk in the street.

Anonymous said...

A communist will never ever understand what is not communsism.Have you ever heard of the word REFERENDUM in the last thirty years of Pp and eighteen yof SNP as main opposition?The answer is NO,if it is not new what is it then?

55% voted Pp is a farce,an election in which manipulation decide the outcome is not a victory but a theft,yes it is fraud otherwise there would have been no need to create a fake party and use JUdas to need to appoint Elctoral Commissionars .Self decalred results that no other parties can verified is not real but fake,so PP calim of 55% is an illusion as it has always been in previous elections.

Time for regime change.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

if am not mistaken we had one for the CONSTITUTION that SPPF/DP drafted.REFERENDUM it was called that we voted or it was something else?

Now you telling me JEANNE D'ARC that all these peoples,that was singing,shouting,dancing and drinking in the motorcade for the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION 2011 CELEBRATION,all these people COLOURED IN RED,in freedom sqare was 55 PERCENT MANIPULATION AND FAKE.ONLY A FOOL WILL BELEIVE THAT.

Did you really want to work with SNP? You have so many problem with this party and at the same time you want to work with them.A house that is divided cannot stand.Your working togther will have a very bad result just like DP/SNP fiasco.

I cannot understand really what you politicians in this country are trying to do because everything are just confusing and people really get confuse without realising it.

By the way the priest sermon on the radio this morning was not bad.

Anonymous said...

D.PIERRE had 3000 and something people voted for him,more than 800 people who voted for DP in the presidential election eventhough the 10.000 people that read weekly every week,more than MR.P.BOULLE party and SNP reform party had only 400 and something.I do not know SFP PARTY but D.PIERRE as a traitor not bad for a start.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by all?PP seats in Assembly was reduced by the Boycott which less,which means their were less voters voting for Pp but still Pp proclaimed more percent than the last Presidential election for instant.And you know why there were more voters in percentage than in reality ?Becuase the elction was manipulated ,frauded.

Manipulation is never done at 100% but just enough to win election illegally.

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

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