Friday, June 3, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Seychelles Communist Party Rigs Sham Election

The PL Seychelles Communist Party, ruling for 34 years, has rigged sham elections for the office of the President. The Communist candidate James Alix Michel, polled 54% of the vote. Second was Wavel Ramkalawan of the SNP with a 40% poll, after professing the politics of division in the opposition unsuccessfully in a 5th presidential bid.

Phillipe Boulle polled a little above 1%  as an Independent candidate and Ralph Volcere NDP candidate polled even less then Boulle, though he has a party behind him.

MSR called for a boycott under grounds that the opposition was not united and the process is rigged and sham under the administration of an appointed Electoral Commissioner.

Additionally, fake citizens are placed on the Voters List. Numerous bona fide citizens are not on the list and are removed.

The SNP and NDP both ignored the MSR plea to boycott based on a rigged Voters List and a SHAM PROCESS. This means that unless changes are made, the process will always protect the Communists. The opposition must change political style to adapt to this Communist sham.

A high number of 1600 plus spoilt votes were recorded and over 13,000 people did not vote.

Candidates Boycott Results

At the final hour, candidates from the opposition boycotted the announcement of the results by Hendrick Gappy, whose demeanor showed his undisputed bias and support for the incumbent communist candidate James Michel. Only one month before the elections, Wavel Ramkalawan said in Regar newspaper that Gappy is not to blame for the office of the Electoral Commissioner not being independent; this, in response to MSR’s attacks on Mr. Gappy’s credibility to officiate over our elections.

Mr. Gappy is an appointed Electoral Commissioner, contrary to SADC rules and numerous past Commonwealth recommendations from past elections. PL Communists appointed him to a Two (2) year term recently, ignoring the
SADC rules and ignoring the Commonwealth Reports. Gappy of course stayed silent on the matter.

Division Is Disgraceful

We must not overlook the status quo of division advanced by Wavel Ramkalawan and SNP in the opposition for years now, as being one of the reasons why PL even had a chance to steal an election.

It is today, a disgraceful strategy that has failed on its face and Ramkalawan should resign from politics in Seychelles at this time to give Seychelles any chance for change.

No one person has given more credibility to a Communist system than Wavel Ramkalawan over the last 17 years.

If there is not a profound change of course, the SNP should shut down. There is no exception, for its scheme, born out of pure self interest of its leadership, which has now proven to be highly detrimental to the future of Seychelles. The results of this effort of division is self evident.

The SNP is taking us back to the One Party State, but giving PL communists the credibility they did not have in the One Party State.

While we live under One Party State rules, the SNP have called Seychelles a “Democracy” for years now. After the results are announced, two (2) days later, Ramkalawan calls for a Boycott of the National Assembly, until new laws are put in place for “free and fair elections”. Why did he not do that before the election? Did he not remember what happen in the last elections? Did he not know the Voters List was rigged before elections? Yes, he did. But he went through with the elections, in spite of knowing the Voters List was rigged. Could PL bribe 7000 people on election day? No. It would not be manageable. This is where Ramkalawan attempts to pull the wool over our eyes, to fool us, so he can stay another five years not as President, but as

Mr. No. 2, so PL can remain No. 1 and the opposition can remain in disarray.

The sooner we abandon Ramkalawan’s wool and eye scam and tell him to resign from politics in Seychelles, the sooner we can get on with the work for real change in Seychelles. We deserve better then wishy-washy ideas of what was, what is not, what will never be, because someone needs to keep on making money off politics at the expense of sacrificing the will of the people.

Use of State Resources

The most blatant abuse in the rigged elections, is perhaps the continuous uninterrupted use of state resources, by the Communist Party. This includes
elaborate budgets for the EXPO 2020, a fake futuristic perversion fabricated by Mr. Gilbert Pool a Public Relations artist recruited from the Rene camp to prop up Michel in a desperate attempt to secure him a victory in order to protect himself and F. A Rene possibly from prosecution for killings, murders, and misuse of funds that have gone unaccounted for since the One Party State.

Ambassadors were flown into the country to campaign for the ruling regime, using state funds. Vehicles belonging to the state were used in the campaign
to truck and bus communist supporters. Even hospital ambulances were used. It was quite a mobilization effort that only state apparatus could configure and execute.

Perhaps when all is tallied up, at least US$100 Million of State funds were used to help the PL Communists rig elections. In the coming days, the numbers will start to tumble in.

Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayan UAE Supports Communists

In the run up to the elections, Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayan of United Arab Emirates pumped at least US$ 100 Million in various public works projects and hospitals, housing projects that the Communists had promised but not been able to deliver to the people while under IMF administration.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which was projected at $ 2 Billion failed to materialize and has recently slumped to $140 Million, all of which come from Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayan to prop up the failing communist regime of James Michel. While Michel has failed on the economic front, he has succeeded on the electoral rigging front. The PL Communists organized lists to fool voters, when the money was gone. Lists included roof sheeting list, fridge list, cookers list, trips to Mauritius list, housing list, etc….

After Elections We Are Still Bankrupt

After the rigged effort, the Communists will be back. But the reality of Seychelles dire economic situation will also follow them. We are still BANKRUPT as a nation state. Our External Debt just below US$ 500 Million has not been serviced yet and our Domestic Debt of SCR 1.7 Billion has not been touched by the PL. Commercial banks are reluctant to forgive.

The impact of this situation is that life for the average Seychellois all of them, regardless of political party affiliation, will now get much harder, and not better or easier as promised. Increased taxes will cut into income on the earning side and the expenditure end. In the end, Seychellois will be taxed as much as 40% of their income to cover up for the poor management practice of the PL. This will include the cost of free schooling, free health care, free use of facilities by Fabrike citizens who obtain citizenship outside of Due Process. As they enjoy free services, they reduce the value of those services for all Seychellois and drive up costs of operation for services. As they bid for a free scholarship, or seat at a university, they take away a seat from a bona fide Seychellois. But what is certain, is most Fabrike’s vote for PL and profess loyalty to them, before country. They hold the balance of power on a hinge while Seychellois overseas who profess loyalty to country before any party, still cannot vote. Many pay taxes, and come back and forth but cannot stay the statutory three (3) months at one time to vote. This situation needs to be challenged in courts and taken to the International Human Rights Courts for judgment.  

IMF Will Be Back in Victoria Soon  

After the elections, the IMF will be back to see how far the Communist PL have deviated from the IMF program to implement its election priorities.  

UN Commission on Human Rights Sanction

Recently, the Seychelles was sanctioned by the UN Human Rights Commission for not filing human rights reports for Seventeen (17) years.
This sanction will be in place for Four (4) years and will bring international awareness to the communist regime in Seychelles.

The reason why State Human Rights Reports have not been filed is simple enough: it has been the state that has been systematically violating Human Rights in Seychelles since 1977. Because we are a small nation state and bankrupt, they do not want to be accountable for those violations. But we cannot progress as a society if there is no accountability on the subject of Human Rights.

As promised, I will push the human rights card on the table as I push the principle effectively of “Sesel Pou Seselwa” on the table. The issues cannot be discussed in isolation, nor can they be divorced from one another. They must co–exist in harmony for Seychellois to have true Freedom and real Democracy as they are rightfully entitled to have as a people.

Of the Five (5) cases reported on Seychelles non compliance with Human Rights State Report, Three (3) came from MSR and myself. Everyday, the dossier of recent violations increase in bulk. But SNP went to sleep on these issues for years, before we awakened them.

97% Oil Field Quadrants Sold

In numerous low profile deals, the Seychelles government this year, allowed to be sold, 97% of interests in our oil quadrants and hydro carbon quadrants currently under exploration. The PL Communists followers were misled into believing that oil is near discovery and they will soon be rich in rallies. That fable could not be farer from the truth. Whatever there is out there, now belongs to someone else.

From Oil to Honey Now Vinegar!

Most of those jumping about in exchange for SCR 5,000 were anticipating a bonanza of personal oil revenue for supporting the PL Communists. Now

that the oil quadrants have been sold, IMF is on our backs, and the honey trail has ended abruptly after the motorcade. So be prepared for the Five (5) years of vinegar Communists. The concentration level will be worse than the last Five (5) years, which you said was “easy” and you said we are “touni” when we should all be rich.

Take it down nice and easy, keep the smile on your face as you swallow up; the worse is yet to come and it will get much worse, as those lists for roofing sheets, and fridges lists get tossed in a local government bin- file for eternity.

If you get thirsty along the way, make sure you have your “Bake Yaya” at hand, to catch some rain or vinegar, which ever comes first, drink down as it comes down to survival under James Michel.

In spite of your lives that pass in great darkness, we will strive to educate you as best we can so that you can stop the cycle of drinking vinegar as you lose your country forever under James Michel policy of “Sesel Pou Arab”, which you will now see at a prolific level over the next Five (5) years.

As you are squeezed into a corner of bare existence, we will continue to educate you, to help you out of your trap, for life was not meant to be lived in a corner, without any options. That is not Freedom, it is imprisonment. For now, you have condemned yourselves to Five (5) years, with the help of a fofo- money obsessed leader in the opposition.

The Deal With The Devil

To all of you who have made a deal with the Devil out of frustration with Ramkalawan, remember this: Ramkalawan is not Seychelles, by falling out with him, you should have gone off quietly, instead, some of you have betrayed your patrimony our beloved Seychelles. Remember the old saying when you call up your deal made with PL in your weakest hour: “the devil is in the details”!

To all you sell outs, seek pardon from the people, we are Christians for now, and we will never shut the door on you.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

RAM said Gappy is not to blame but who is to blame then RAM?If it is not Gappythen, it could only be RAm himself by his mis-stepped,and out of touch conportment.RAM approved the registration lists put before him by Gappy , probably without going over them first a bit in the style of Michel who just sign anything you put in front on him without reading the contents first.That is a position of a defeated leader out of touch from reality,such a leader can not lead a nation he should therefore demmission as SNP leader ,make palce for pro-active and serious leader who put his or her country and peolple before self..

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

dan un system democratic un dimone ler inn perdi 2 election presidentiel e prans son packet e al kasiet li. Go and do something different, sit in the back bench as example.simply what I am saying is Wevell e devret ale e les un lo dimone dirise loposition.ou pas pou zamen gayne election seychelles,hypoteisis inn demontrate SA comment levidances.seychellios pa oule Ramkalawan pou un reason ou un lot.AKOSE AKOSE.

Anonymous said...

And in a democracy if a defeated leader refused to do so usually other members forced them out.AKOSE he does not have anything to offer than deception.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

exactemant, Wavell should make way for another person in his party to head.We have seen it in UK, AUSTRALIA , CANADA ETC.The man HAS SIMPLY LOST IT.i DONT HAVE ANYTHING PERSONAL AGAINST THE MAN BUT HE HAS BECOME AN OBSTRUCTION to domocracy dan nou pei.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want the job ? They have to want it, not reluctant and forced into it like in the days when UO was polling just a few votes.

Anonymous said...

What happens in Mauritius ? Berrenger has been there for as long as I can remember, with no clear replacement.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone want the job?The way for us to know the answer to your question is simply. RAM must just hold an internal election in SNP for the post,then i asure you will get a clear answer.

Jeanne D'Arc

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