Monday, May 2, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Hurdles To Rigging An Election Then A Coup?

I have written about the election process being a SHAM PROCESS in Seychelles politics in the past. As the leader of the MSR, a party that filed for registration with the Office of the Political Party Registrar and Electoral Commissioner, I have had a first hand personal impression of the state of mind of the Electoral Commissioner Mr. Hendricks Gappy. Those impressions, accumulated over a period of over Ten (10) months of seeking registration of our party, has given me a keen insight into his role in executing the election  process. Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware!

Hendricks Gappy 
The Voters List

The Voters List is open for inspection Two (2) weeks out of each year during the last Two (2) weeks of January. While the List is open for inspection, you are allowed to verify your own name only, and cannot inspect the veracity of any other name on the List or district a person is registered. You also cannot raise an issue concerning whether a person is a bona fide citizen of Seychelles. This is taboo. Reason being, many naturalized citizens  have been granted citizenship while under Gainful occupation Permit (GOP) or never spent in residence, Five (5) years in Seychelles. They are in the thousands, after 34 years of dictatorship.

While the List is open for only Two (2) weeks, the caretaker of the List, in the past, Chief Voter Register, occupied his post all year round, making adjustments to the List year round, and not giving the Public any Notice of the changes he makes. There is no Notice by Publication of the changes, nor is there a publication of all the names in the Gazette or Nation.  The changes are made in secrecy, hardly a democratic practice. Parties get a copy of the Voters List, after the fact, after the changes have been made. The un-coding of the changes, is a monumental task to say the least without Notice of changes being made public.

This naturally allows the Chief Voter Register, under instructions from the Electoral Commissioner, an open opportunity to manipulate the Voters Lists as they choose. Who will monitor them year round? Answer: No one will and no one does.

From our interactions with the office, we have learned that no one in Election Commissioner’s office, takes a step without the approval of the Electoral Commissioner himself. When he says stagger and delay, the whole office structure comes to a stand still. When he says, move expeditiously, they do so.

In one instance, in a call from Gappy’s office they advised us that there were Seychellois (e) on our party members list that are not in the country, but they had departed Seychelles recently.  So what?

Are Seychellois who become members of a political party not free to exit and enter Seychelles as they please?

The answer is “it depends which party you belong to”. But the insight into this assertion is that they closely monitor entry and departure of citizens, on the List, and hence the opportunity for Voter List manipulation arises if there is collusion with a participating party or candidate and the Office of the Chief Registrar and Electoral Commissioner.

5,000 Fabrike Voters

In the Election of 2006, I met the Chief Registration Officer in the Domestic Car Park by coincidence. He was sitting on a car drinking beer, and a few Seybrew’s ( about Eight (8) ) were accumulated by a car tire. I asked him in passing, how are you, you seem like you are depressed? He replied and explained to me briefly, he cannot manipulate more then 5,000 votes on a Voter List. Beyond that, it becomes humanly impossible to control under the veil of secrecy. When he saw my eyes pop out, on the assertion, he changed subject, as if he had alerted me to a deeply held secret. He did, unless the Seybrew was doing all the talking. Ironically, the results of the last Election when PL faced a united opposition was not much more then 2,500 swing votes for a victory and the soldiers with AK-47’s had circles National Library while the vote results were being announced.

18 Year Old Citizen and Eligible To Vote

A key component of voting is that a Citizen has achieved the age of majority Eighteen (18) resides in Seychelles for the statutory period and can vote. This condition presupposes that a person will find their way to their respective polling stations on the day of the vote. If they are out of country, they will not be able to vote under the current system. If they are sick in bed or hospitalized, jailed, they will not be able to vote. The Electoral Commissioner goes to great lengths to insure that people are able to vote in the elections that otherwise would not be able to. Arguably this effort by his office is ultra vires of his scope of duty and goes beyond his mandate. We need to take a closer look at this effort.

Voting On Silhouette An Excursion That Can Open The Door For Voter Fraud

Emergency Services of the State are advised by the Electoral Commissioner, to submit a list of names to his office, to allow persons engaged in emergency services to vote on Silhouette or at National Library. This List is submitted very early in the process, allowing the possibility that the list can make its way into the hands of someone who would use it to rig an election if there is collusion at play. ID cards can be made in duplicate quickly, and puff, the emergency worker votes once at National House, then an imposter or self, can vote again in his District. The purple ink on the finger placed after a vote, I understand can be removed with the right chemical. With the right chemical, anything can be removed. If a party was executing a fraudulent election strategy, it is reasonable to assume, that they will get the right chemical to remove the ink from the voters fingers.  How many emergency workers will there be in an election? 1000, 2000, 3,000? How many times will they vote?

Naturally, the Commonwealth will not know who is an emergency worker, but local NGO’s would. The Commonwealth will just observe that voting is proceeding smoothly between visits to stations. If there is fraud, it is patent, and not viewable to the naked Commonwealth eye browsing from station to station on voting day. By co-incidence, local NGO’s have been excluded as Election Observers by the Electoral Commissioner, hence another nail in the coffin of credibility of the process.

Mahe Workers On Praslin Working

Last week the Electoral Commissioner sent out a letter to all hotels on Praslin, asking that they submit names of all workers from Mahe working on Praslin, early, again, to insure they are allowed to vote on Praslin. What is the Electoral Commissioner doing sending out letters to create a Master List of Mahe residents, working on Praslin? There is no statutory precedence that allows this. If there was statutory precedence, it is undemocratic.

This list is a micro composite grouping of the Voters List, a sub list created without the Public’s knowledge. It is illegal. How can one insure that such a list does not get into the wrong hands? We cannot of course, and that should be enough reason to be alarmed of the potential for rigging votes that can show SHAM elections are at play. Another nail into the coffin of credibility of the process.

Only last month we were told the Voters List is not credible yet, because 2,000 transfers had to be processed. These workers that must live on Praslin, they are not transfers? More nails to the coffin of credibility of the process.

A Glaring Conflict of Interest

We all know Mr. Gappy is appointed by James Michel who is a Presidential candidate. Gappy’s office used the Attorney General’s office to defend its case against MSR. Mr. Gappy did not seek independent consul to prosecute this case. The Attorney General is a State Consul at the service of the President of the Republic. This is a clear case of uncontested Conflict of Interest.

Michel (The Boss) & Gappy (The Worker)

If Gappy employed Mr. Boulle for all his affairs, and Mr. Boulle was a Presidential candidate, PL would stay silent? No. Another nail into the coffin of credibility to the process.  

The Mahe residents- Praslin workers list can have as much as another 1,000 voters on it.

The Electoral Commissioner should not be babying voters to the polling booth with this list and that list. It is a red flag.  Everyone should choose to either make their way to the voting booth or choose not to vote. In the National Assembly we have seen that ABSTENTION from voting is a recorded vote. If a person cannot vote for whatever reason, it is the luck of the draw. No voter should be assisted to vote, certainly not through supplemental lists. The balance of victory or defeat may well hinge on these lists.

Sheik Khalifa Pumps Millions and Hundreds of Millions Three (3) Weeks Before Elections

The UAE and Sheik Khalifa Bin Al Zayed Al Nayan, has been pumping Millions of US Dollars into projects days before the Presidential elections to insure that James Michel wins without a contest. This is now approaching $ 100 Million. If all else fails, and the Electoral Commissioner cannot deliver the desired results, the thinking appears to be that the money will seize the day for PL and James Michel.

Sheikh Khalifa - Influencing Seychelles Politics

The settlement for La Misere Delo kaka is over Sr. 80 Million, alone, including 37 houses at Petit Barbaron, where Rene resides, though there are only 17 houses there, and they do not get water from a contaminated source. Sheik Khalifa and Ascon seems to have been taken on a ride by PL on this settlement.

If the entire settlement is audited, one will stumble upon other irregularities.  In the end, the people really affected by the Tort will suffer the most and receive less then what they are entitled to.

People of Seychelles, open your eyes.

Call For Ethics Commission By Michel

To cover up the SHAM in play James Michel has called for an Ethics Committee Three (3) weeks before the elections. This is ridiculous. Such a Committee will just be a talk shop to keep the talkers busy for Michel. He will not attend and can use it as a smoke screen to go on shamming and rigging the elections to completion. Anyone that participates in such sham process is fooling themselves.

When All Else Fails, Just Do A Coup!

If the Voters List rig does not work, the Sheik Khalifa and UAE money does not help, and Michel does not get 50% plus One (1) vote, his past actions give you a reasonable indication of what his future course of conduct will be: “Just Do A Coup”. His latest book glorifies this stage of his life history, it made no excuses. In fact, he seems to give the impression that the Kalashnikov and AK-47 machine gun are mightier then a People, and perhaps a God like tool in as much as a few men (10 -15) with a Kalashnikov or AK-47 can shape history for generations to come.
James Michel (left, holding the machine gun) 
State House Informants royal to “Sesel Pou Seselwa” have advised us that Michel has met with Soldiers asking for their loyalty to him in the event an election does not go democratically in his favor.

But in 2011, Michel will find that is a very tall unreasonable order. Seychelles is still BANKRUPT under his leadership.

The International Criminal Courts (ICC) are putting soldiers on trial and dictators who use arms and force on their people to suffocate the freewill of the people. The lack of respect for the Right to Assembly, The Right to Freedom of Expression, The Right to Hold and Impart Belief‘s within dictator states like Seychelles, is causing an uproar in the international community through out the Middle East region and Africa.
No Seychelles Defense Force soldier of sound mind will turn a weapon AK-47 on his people in this era. If they do, they must know that they will be held accountable before international courts and they will answer for crimes committed upon a civilian population.

What Will Happen To Michel?

If James Michel fails to get 50% plus One (1) vote, and someone else does, and he loses, and resorts to coup, we only have to look at His Ex- Excellency Dictator Hosni Mubarak to know what will happen to Michel.

After putting on a show of being larger then life, and accumulating over $70 Billion in wealth, Mr. Mubarak is currently sitting in a hospital- prison bed. After he was removed from power as Boss of Egypt, a little detail emerged: he was not 35 as he looked from frequent facelifts and Botox injections and he was living all along because he was under special medication, having to take a little tiny heart pill once a day. Once deposed, he had no reason to live, so he stopped taking the little heart pill, voluntarily, in order that he not face charges for corruption and murder of his own people.

What About SNP , NDP, Boulle and etc?

Do they believe the process is rigged? No.
Do they believe the Elections are a SHAM? No.
Do they believe Michel will likely stage a Coup if he loses? No.
Do they believe Mr. Gappy is a trusted independent Electoral Commissioner of Elections ? Yes, they are falling in line under his tutelage one by one not even united as one opposing force.

People of Seychelles, open your eyes, BOYCOTT Sham Elections, and do not be part of this un credible process that SNP and NDP will help to make credible for the benefit of he who rigs elections like a master of the AK- 47 he is.

Sesel Pou Seselwa!

May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


Anonymous said...

Whatever Mr Gill has said above all the possible ways of Gappy manipulating the election are real and plausible? But what did SNP do? This is an area where i fully agreed with Mr Gill. SNP had been sitting on their laurel too passively. They had all the posibilty to get Gappy and Michel to change their ways Five years ago by threathening that they would boycot any election under the same stastus aquo and lobby all the international institution to pressure this dictatorship. One way that he could have done that by united the opposition just after the last election to do just that instead of conspiring to grab back the sit that he agreed to give the NPD following their gentlemen agreement. This was what he should have done? And that was his opportunity to give LP their crushing defeat in that forthcoming election. You know what nothing has changed SNP think that they can win under the same status quo. You are wrong SNP Hoodini Gappy is still at the helm of LP bogus and uncredible voters list. I am convinced that he is doing whatever he could to ensure James Khallifa Michel victory. Good luck SNP you have accepted to play by the one sided rules that only god's intervention can garantee success.

Anonymous said...

RAM is a collaborator of PP he doex not have any interest in becoming president nor even a minister for he already pocketing more moneys than a Minister for doing nothing and this explain why he refuses to build a coalition to defeat PP.Boulle is candidate just for self prestige,and Volcere i am quit confuse of what he wants or after.Could the people of Seychelles put their trust in those persons who telling us they are different from Pp but accept all the tricks put in place by PP?

In beleive there is one way to deal with those cowards and faked candidates namely by gertting the mass into the streets,we cannot afford another five years of Pp communist.

Sesel pou Seselwa!
Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Davidson Barra is clearly a prostitute, having moved from SNP to Boulle's camp and now to Party Lepep. Money talks and bullshit walks as the old saying goes.

Radio Bamboo says that David Pierre has also walked out on SNP and moving to the Lepep camp. How sad is this for SNP, Pierre himself and his family of supporters. He has certainly lost my respect, ditto for Davidson Barra. They remind me of Percy Ahman who went from one party to the other and now only Ramadoss can afford the liability at Rising Sun (or rather Dead Planet).

There are more prostitutes in the making and the State House pimps are working overtime to spread the wealth around and secure some high profile signings to jump ship and join the revolution. Sadly, many need the money and have lost all their dignity, while others have no choice as they look for a promotion, a cheap house loan, or simply some money to pay off debts and buy food for their children. But choosing to be a prostitute is still a choice, and a person can simply refuse and move on. Selling one's soul is worse than selling one's body.

Large posters do not win elections, but people with brains and money do. In the case of Party Lepep, they have no heart and it is all about using money and the media to do their dirty work. Don't even ask where the funds are coming from. As for SNP, this is Wavel's last stance and the buzzards and scavengers are starting to circle to pick at the dead bodies that will soon be scattered across the green fertile fields at Arpent Vert. May their souls rest in peace in the cemetery of political losers.

The only winners in this election will be Boulle and Volcere, as they have shown heart and determination and an element of honesty at the current situation in Seychelles. The Seychellois populace are the losers, including the ones who vote for Party Lepep. Just wait for the milk and honey to stop flowing after the elections. And to think of 5 more years of James Michel on SBC-TV every night. Makes me want to vomit.

Jean-Paul Isaac said...

SPPF is buying SNP people and using them in PPB.

David Pierre,Alvin Grandcourt,MRS Foozo,Derreck Savy, Allen Camille,Davidson Barra and loads more are bascially good persons. In a moment of great weakness when they lost
hope in SNP leadership, for being sell outs, they too have become sell outs!

Do not call them names. They have made a grave error. In this moment of great
darkness this person lives through, we ask that all Christians pray for them and
pray for the SNP leadership, to rid Seychelles of this culture of Sell outs!

One string in common in the reasons they have all sold out is money, look for
it, they will all look for it aswell.

In the end, the PL will dump them when finished with them But by then, the SNP
will be finished aswell

Jean-Paul Isaac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jean-Paul Isaac said...

David Pierre has clearly demonstrated that the proposed democracy which snp so proudly is professing is but a cock and bull story as MSR had exposed it.

Real Democracy cannot be achieved or conveyed if one is to apply it only for self beneficial purpose. We need to be fair and just when preaching freedom through hope, such as Ramka should have done a long time ago.

Further to this only to mock father SBC showed Francis Savy boasting about his helicopters in fleet numbers, right after they announced the replacement of David by Annette George the same notary which participated in the selling of Felicite Island 575 Acres at the cost of a rupee with old tyrant Albert Rene back then in his capacity as Commander and Chief.

Further and further more the snp is fueling its camp with direct collaborator into selling our patrimony and they have to audacity to call for change.

Anonymous said...

I hope Viral Dhanjee takes Gappy, Morin and Govinden to court. But then, I am sure James and Albert have already briefed the Judges to dismiss the case. That is democracy according to James Michel and Party lepep.

As for uniting the opposition, Wavel cannot do it and will not do so anyhow. His ego is too big. SNP has not worked for the people of Seychelles for 5 years and have worked for their pockets. David Pierre resigns from the National Assembly and still collects a nice pension every month for life. What about us, the people paying the taxes? Do we get a free pay cheque every month? Sadly, this is what Wavel and the SNP members voted for, and now we the public are paying for those foolish decisions while the SNP members and their Party lepep gangsters also collect their fat pension every month.

I am voting for Volcere because he is the only one who has tried to take the SNP and Party Lepep to task. Week after week, the Nouveau Weekly has brought out corruption stories about James Michel and his party. What did the Regar discover and print in the past 5 years, apart from Leo the Turtle gossip stories? Wavel, Jean Francois, Mancienne, George ek SNP in les nou tou tombe.

Dirty politics, money, Arabs adn gangsters, mafia, passport sale, Ramados casino money, drugs, guns, murders, SBC-TV and Nation newspaper, corruption are all part and parcel of the Party Lepep and James Michel's arsenal. Rene taught him well and I expect that they will win again by a majority while SNP will be confined to the dustbin of Seychelles Political History.

See you all again in 2016 or 2020. Ale sesel

Anonymous said...

Jean-Paul, I think you are right about Francis Savy but wrong about the other things.

While James Michel's PPB was telling young people to start their small business as a way out of poverty, up popped the upstart with his helicopters to show us how it is done.

It is a good thing we do not believe in punishing PL for their explained or unexplained wealth. Otherwise, the David Pierres and the St Anges can do whatever they want.

Anonymous said...

Well Michel forget that his is the instigator of the poverty in the the country.Small businesses cannot alone solve employment problem it will depend on good governance,and mostimportantly have a long term plan which Pp never had in the last thirty years.An thoer way of getting our people out of poveerty is by stopping the illegal invasion of our country by cheap foregner labors affecting Seychellois job seekers and in away devaluting our stand of living by bringing us in the club of the kind of poverty we see on main land Africa.
As a small country of a handful inhabitant really we should not have poverty in our country if Pp would have not mis-manage our country.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

I am out ob bail since a while . me also I am on the list!! Monpour vote dis fwa. Si zot pa pour kontan pran pake aler!

Anonymous said...

Oh i forgot to sign my name RAdo.

Anonymous said...

i think when it comes to understanding how voting works you unfortunately have some work to do.But the good thing is that at least you have found a plattform(STAR) to educate yourself.I do not blame you for that, it is not your fault, after thirty-four years of communist indoctrination we expect some damage on some of our peoples' psyche.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Dapre ki mon konpran, Rado li meme li le Roi Barbaron.

Et ou Zann Dork, si ou pa fer attention, sa Radoteur pou met ou non lo son lannis.....errrhhhh son lalis.

Rado osi i le konnen kote Chris Gill ti ne. Kan i pou poste son Birth Certificate lo "Star Platford."

Anonymous said...

I am a supporter of MSR by conviction and that won't change.Le ROI Barbaron i guess It is now Khalifa who has replaced FAR ailing in his deadbed.Whoever LE ROI is,sooner and than latter we would unthorned him.

Jeanne D'Arc

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