Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Seychelles Column - By Christopher Gill

Delusions of The State of a Nation Seychelles
James Michel, President of Seychelles, opened his State of the Nation address, with the same delusions most authoritarian dictators think of their rule. He said in the style of his Brother Muammar Gaddafi: “The World is Watching Us”,( as reported by an unknown woman according to James Michel) . This is the title of his speech as well.
If ever a man was out of touch with the realities of the day, James Michel fits the bill on the delivery of the State of Nation 2011.
The World is likely watching us over our infamous piracy problem and the paid carnival participants from UK are watching us for their paychecks and free tickets for a holiday. That is about it, aside from the United Nations TRIBUNAL on Human Rights due to address Seychelles non-compliance with international treaties on universal human rights next month.
Michel’s World Is Coming Down Around Him Fast
The reality of the State of the Nation, is that Michel’s world is coming crashing down on him, faster then he knows it and faster then his staff will be willing to cope.
One by one, they will toss in the towel, because James Michel is beyond help. He will open a Carnival soon, and he will misunderstand the role of the press at that event.
The press will be here to see the Carnival, and report on it thanks to St. Ange’s effort, not to give Michel accolades for successes in his long battered political career, that has been a feat of failure since he was last elected. The highlight of this failure of course, was our national BANKRUPTCY on October 30, 2008.
Bye, Bye Friends
Michel is loosing friends throughout the region from Egypt, to Morocco where he got Ten (10) side car motorcycles Three( 3) years ago, and will not get another Ten (10) again. These motorcycles are held up in an air conditioned garage at his house next to the ammunition and gun store. Police have no access to them.
Antics of dictators are surreal at times. It would make a great sequel to “Scar face” if the Police would insist on access to the motorcycles.
Tunisia, Algeria where SBC received some cameras and will not get them again, that government is gone.
Oman, where Danny Faure said he was sending STC to purchase a stock of food because it is stable and has direct shipping lines run by Mrysk last week only, is about to go; Two (2) days later the main city went up in flames after workers received a 46% salary increase and were not satisfied.
Bahrain where BMI bank is based is located at the center of Victoria , run by Frank Hoareau with close ties to Michel and FIU,  and the Al Khalifa family related to Sheik Khalifa Bin al Zayed al Nayan, are facing daily protests, and that royal family, can loose power anytime. With it, BMI transactions will be audited by a new government and all the scams will be exposed, implicating you know who.
Money For  “Sesel Pou Arab”
After spending millions of Seychelles Rupees to get the youth to accept his leadership as being avan garde and hip and to sneak the principle of “SESEL POU ARAB”, into our lives, the principle of “SESEL POU SESELWA” has scared Michel to the point that he refers to this principle as being Xenophobic to confuse the Public in his speech. He is silly of course, and delusional with his sensationalizing of the political issues, no doubt in my mind.
“Sesel Pou Seselwa”
Let me tell our delusional President, “SESEL POU SESELWA” is not xenophobic. “SESEL POU SESELWA”, means that we will no longer tolerate the selling of our national identity; we will no longer allow you, James Michel, and other collaborators as yourself, to sell our patrimony; we will no longer remain polite when you import mercenaries and arm them to lord over our people; we will not remain silent as you try to make our army turn on our people, no different then what your Brother Gaddafi has done in Libya . Nor will we tolerate more bribes being paid by any foreigner who seeks influence to lord over us as a people.
Our patrimony is not for sale, even though, you Mr. President, say it is for sale. We will undo everything that you do, this is your reality.
For this , we put all non -bona fide Seychellois buyers of interest in Seychelles property and patrimony on NOTICE.
This NOTICE includes the buyers of Eden Island who buy in a pool and operate a apartment pool in violation of the Constitution of Seychelles, Equal Protection Article 27 to the detriment of bona fide Seychellois business and investments.
James Michel protects these foreigner investments at the expense of sacrificing Seychellois investments, illegally. If he thinks he is doing it legally, it is another example of a man in state of delusion.
Seychellois will no longer tolerate being discriminated by a delusional leader, that plays with the Voters List and gerry- meanders districts before elections, to keep power in the National Assembly.
Right now, as we listen to Michel, ground clearing is being done at upper Les Mamelles to increase the amount of apartments to increase the district boundaries and stack Les Mamelles with new SPPF voters, to get a favorable result in the next election. Court Action, daily street protests is needed to put a stop to stealing elections, by our delusional leader who runs a fake democracy.
Silence by the main opposition will not help. Nor will silly secondary school antics from the opposition. A “lespri de grandeur” is needed at this hour, that puts petty personal issues aside by the SNP leadership.
Michel Lies About Tolerance and Dialogue
Michel attacked the residents of La Misere for taking to the streets. This is hogwash and “the shed of pigs blood to a good cause” as the Arabs would say.
If anything, Michel should have congratulated these people for taking to the streets to make his government which was sleeping on the job, a where of the fiasco ongoing at Sheik Khalifa Bin Zayed al Nayan’s residence.
By taking to the streets these Seychellois stood up for their rights, and will get results. If they take to the streets again, they will increase their settlement to reasonable figures, and not have to accept this insulting, take it or leave it Sr.250,000.00  per family. Cases should be settled on a case by case basis. Michel forces residents to take the offered settlement because he works for Khalifa under the banner “SESEL POU ARAB”.
Michel lies to the Public about the size of the project, which Planning Authority turned down and his Cabinet approved illegally. Khalifa was allowed to import over $200 Million in tax free goods for this house. Government officials did not inspect La Misere Khalifa site, because Michel himself gave a green light and said off limits.
Workers were brought in without permits, because Michel allowed it, as he abdicated his role of Leader of Seychelles, and took on the role of Entertainer and Real Estate Broker to Khalifa under the banner: “Sesel Pou Arab”.
At one point, Michel turned against these Seychellois, by calling SSU para military unit to La Misere. They brought with them AK -47’s and ammunition to kill the protesters if they did not leave Kennedy Road.
The next day, Lydia Jumeau’s car was set a light. Two red bricks were found on the seat of the car in the morning. Khalifa’s road is paved in red bricks.
Michel still protects Khalifa at the expense of Seychellois suffering. Agents Michel, do not do fires unless ordered to do so. Another delusion. You should buy Lydia Jumeau a new car. What kind of President of the people are you? Lydia, is not part of the people?
Michel said that we must not take to the streets to resolve issues. We must dialogue. I ask Michel, what happen to “Kile les JJ travay” appeal you made to the opposition in 2006 when you overflowed in confidence and arrogance, to now today, be wallowing in failure?
Now you are so delusional, no one in his right mind would want to dialogue with you. You allow crimes to go unsolved on your own people, then you seek dialogue with them? This song you sing, sounds like it is coming from the nut house of Tripoli. Pure delusions.
You need to go man!
Face Facts Man
Michel has run Seychelles with an arrogance that he knows it all, yet, he did not even finish high school, and bankrupted the Nation on October 30, 2006.
Rene made him President, because he was Rene’s partner in the crime of Treason.
Throughout his career, when the pen failed him, he turned to SBC camera like a movie star, when that fails , he turns to the AK-47. He will do it again.  Be prepared, because the cameras are starting to fail Michel badly.
Michel, the pen will always fail you, you will always ask why are Mont Blanc’s so expensive.
The cameras can only do so much. You will always turn to the AK-47 as the tool of choice, to solve your problems you will always be impressed as to why they are so cheap on the international market.
Seychelles has not filed a Human Rights Report for 20 years and is before a UN Tribunal for noncompliance next month. You may consider sending an AK-47 packed well, to replace your pen at that Tribunal, do not send camera-ed reports.
In today’s world, only James Mancham would wear a suit to listen to James Michel give a speech. Be weary, Mr. Michel, James Mancham does not wear a suit to overwhelm you, he wears a suit to let you know he still has one, thanks to you.
James Mancham claps his hands because he agrees with your policy of selling our patrimony to Arabs, because it is quick money and at his age, quick money makes more sense then no money. When he was young, quick money made sense because he had no time to waste, he had a world to see.
That is ok for Mr. Mancham, but the People of Seychelles, just need to know and balance the action of the man with their realities: ignore him.
Our State of the Nation is such that we cannot rely on quick deals with Arabs to survive as a People. We need to engage the entire country in an exercise to rebuild our country after James Michel bankrupted it, after implementing his “SESEL POU ARAB” program between 2004-2011.
If Michel believed in tolerance and dialogue, he would have called MSR and ask for our documents and discuss the ideas we promote. Instead, he sent men to break into our office, and break our things and steal our documents. You owe MSR Four (4) computers, Michel. We are waiting.
But I warn you Michel, King Collaborator, “SESEL POU SESELWA” is spreading faster then you can keep up. We even have collectively on two sites, more friends then you on facebook. Now that is pathetic, and it shows SIVA misused his money for your silly JJ Spirit talent shows. Even NDEA agents are on our sites incognito to report on Irish Mercenary activity and State House abuse of power. To them, we say thank you for standing up for “SESEL POU SESELWA”.
Enough is Enough Michel
Michel says that we must accept that we are part of the World. This is another Michel delusion, that assumes Seychellois today, are stupid.
We are not idiots James Michel. Do not patronize the People of Seychelles because you have failed, and you are now desperate for quick money, and you will sell anything like a drug addict to get your quick fix.
The People of Seychelles all know that we are part of the World. When your friends in the Middle East have to face their population for failing them , we know we will pay a price by the increase in cost of fuel, insurance on ships, and further increase in cost of living.
On the other hand, the faster the Middle East gets rid of these friends of James Michel, the faster the cost of fuel will come down and corresponding cost of goods go down.
This relates to Seychelles as well. The faster, we get rid of James Michel, and PL, the faster, we can get rid of Guy Adam, who raises the price of fuel whenever he feels like doing it.
Once we get rid of PL and Michel, we can also reduce that 460% tax on fuel that hurts taxi drivers, tour operators, boat charters, fishing charters, and fishermen, young families with a first car, and bus users, with no car, but rely on fuel to get to work.
Michel lies about our growth. He says it is 6.2% in 2010. But Michel also registered growth rates of -8%, -7%,-6%-1% during his mandate from 2006. Basically, Michel’s Five (5) years of presidency have been a total write off for Seychelles, except for St. Ange’s Carnival.
How many lives are going to waste under James Michel’s watch?
The Plus 6% growth came from Sheik Khalifa’s personal investments in Seychelles, to prop up Michel and for him to have a hiding place from his people and the Government of Iran, who his family fears greatly. Now Iran will know Khalifa is in Seychelles, so he better leave and go home!
We have demanded that Khalifa withdraw from Seychelles internal affairs and stop propping the failed regime of James Michel. If it was not for Khalifa , there would be no Ile Preservans, no buses, no generators, no scanners, no base. But Khalifa also did not pay over $200 Million in taxes and Michel was silent on this.
If Khalifa does not withdraw from our internal affairs, we will embark on a program to inform his people what he is doing to us in Seychelles. We will expose Khalifa’s authoritarianism in Seychelles the UAE and the entire world, to help his people become free. As they are free, we will become free.
“Sesel Pou Arab”
Since the Arabs saved Michel, it was normal in his delusional mind to call on the Nation to be mindful of our smallness, and need to interact with the World.
We know we need the World Michel, but we do not have to sell our patrimony for cheap to interact with the world, Michel.
We do not need to lower Seychellois dignity to interact with the world. That type of interaction which you propose, borne out of your limited intellectual ability, and lack of foresight, irreconcilable childhood, can only bring shame upon Seychelles.
This shame does not have to be highlighted by me.
This shame was highlighted on the depressed facial expressions of every SPPF-PL MNA that was forced to listen to you deliver your speech.   At the end, as they made their way to the cocktail bar to drink the speech away and fake their perceptions to each other, they all showed on their face, their great disappointment in you, Michel.
The SNP bench just laughed at you for once. Imagine that, those that collude with you to fake Seychelles democratic credentials, turn and laugh at you. How low have you gone?
At the time of the speech, MSR  waited for you to send someone to our office to break into it again so you could avail yourself, documents, that are already in digital form on the internet.
You Michel, we know, you will break into our office with your agents. So we digitize every document. We even load them on the internet, so everyone can see them. We in MSR have nothing to hide.
If you do not see a document on the internet, ask Barry to try to write a letter requesting a document. We will provide it to you in Three (3) working days or less. You do not have to break our little office for documents this is the old way. Today, send a scanned request in a civilized manner, but sign Barry’s letter yourself.
Fake Replies To Sell Seychelles
Your own camp in the National Assembly , will fake their replies to the State of the Nation. But in private and public, they are all saying the same thing: your speech was pathetic and perhaps the worse State of the Nation speech ever delivered by a dictator.
Your own people have become ashamed of canvassing for you Michel. They no longer want to do your dirty work. Your policy of “SESEL POU ARAB” has back fired. Only James Mancham will tell you it is a great policy, he does not even have a political party anymore. The security guards he has are paid by State House. Even the car he is driven in  a BMW 5 series sedan, is owned by State House, likely gifted from Khalifa himself to keep up impressions. We see through all your charades.
Don’t Talk About Drugs and Mercenaries Michel
Michel, you are the last person in Seychelles that can talk about drug traffickers. Do not think for a moment that you fooled anyone. The Youth today, see through all your charades of delivering a pathetic version of Albert Rene’s State of Nation Speech.
In Rene’s days, we listened to Rene to get some information on the country.
These days, we know more about what is happening in Seychelles then you, or your State House intelligence, which is not too smart. Most can hardly write, but apparently, you are not aware of this little detail. The ones that can read and write, read starblog, and join MSR for defending “SESEL POU SESELWA” from your Irish mercenaries that are armed with guns, to kill Seychellois in their own country. You arm Nepalese soldiers to shoot our Seychellois prisoners as well. It is only a question of time, before you bring in a load of mercenaries from Chad to kill innocent citizens that demand their fundamental human rights and democracy in Seychelles.
 You can talk about drugs and we will clap when you arrest the head of drug trafficking in Seychelles, which happens to be a head of your ARMY.
Arrest your head spy, and you arrest another drug trafficker ESCOBAR.
Arrest your own family, and you arrest another Trafficker.
Arrest some PL- MNA’s and their relatives, you arrest some more traffickers.
Arrest the girlfriend of a key Minister at her home, you arrest an ESCOBAR, Michel.
How Failure Malfunctions
In the meantime, stop the Bollywood show that you are getting tough on drugs by picking on the 3,500 addicts that you have no effective program for.
The Youth see through you and all your charades. Remember they have access to more information then you do. You have access to only what JENPA, SARJVI, Barry want you to know. There Modus Operandi is the less you know, the less work for them. So they do not tell you what you need to know. If someone has to tell you what you need to know in the Information Age, you are in the wrong century. Move on, before it is too late for you.
Piracy Is A Big Problem
The only issue you seemed to hit on the head is the scourge of piracy. This I agree with you. But you do not tell us 700 hostages are held by Somalia Pirates and over 100 ships. The problem is bigger then you seem to say.
You are silent on the recent “ VICTORY” disaster of BELUGA that led to the deaths of many on board. Apparently as Commander in Chief (that is you) , gave orders to attack this ship without consulting the Owners in Germany. They are contemplating legal action against the Government of Seychelles.
Piracy is such a serious matter that demands unity of the Nation, yet you risk unity with the meddling by UAE in Seychelles internal affairs with the building of a base with mosque to house Khalifa’s troops here for his personal security.
If piracy is serious to you, you would engage the active support from democratic nations, like UK, USA, India, France, SADC, and avoid assistance from authoritarian regimes that can be toppled any day, and hence, leave a vacuum in our fight against piracy.
I know you are prone to temptation of the quick solution and fast buck, as well as bad advise from green ear JENPA, that ventured to refer to Gaddafi as “Brother” to Seychelles, but reconsider this approach. It is bad diplomacy  and you will regret it, like you regret everything . For instance, leaving David Savy at Air Seychelles until Air Seychelles could hardly fly.
The recent meeting by the Minister of Foreign Affairs have revealed great valleys your government must now face on this road to failure closure. While Adam claims success on SBC like Gaddafi’s son does, we know it was a great failure.
You fool no one, because today, the People have better intelligence then the government. You cannot change this and continue to exist in this world.  
Finally Michel, watch well the events of the World as they turn. The neighborhood is changing fast.
Dictators Will Go One By One
The era of dictators is ending faster then you can figure out how to use a Blackberry. I suggest you do yourself a favor. Step aside, retire before the next elections, let Danny Faure press forward as best he can with his Cuban Communist Dogma. He is a hard worker, and that may save him and PL, in spite of his shortcomings of being associated with you from an early age.
Let Barry Faure do what he does best: nothing much! So send him to the districts to back his brother as President.  Make Adam Vice President, since he can write a little. PL will need that if it can steal an election. Take a rest, because the next Five (5)  years, will not tolerate the “fake it till you make it” game plan., especially when the International Courts of Justice (ICJ) investigators come back to ask you more questions on the Rwanda Genocide and arms sale you made at below market prices. This time they will know what to ask and they will get the correct answers.
The next Five (5) years will be hell for Seychelles if you run it, and from what I have seen the last Five (5) years, you better take a rest, spend time with your wife and child, you will need it and you will find the true meaning of value of life through it.

Once you know the meaning of life, you will then know the value of human dignity for your people and understand the need to defend it at all cost.
May God Bless All Freedom Loving Seychellois!


sceptical said...

maybe you should organise peaceful protests soon?just a

Anonymous said...

What can I say Christopher you just nailed it!!

Anonymous said...

I totally, Chris, you totally nailed it. A peaceful public protest is worth considering.

sceptical said...

The 'jasmine" revolution is spreading,in the Arab World(NPR)..
From North Africa throughout the middle East.. Time for us to have our own "PEACEFUL" revolution.. maybe call it our 'Frangipani"revolution.Time to educate our peple with truths..not lies and fabrications..

Anonymous said...

Somebody please tell me what game is James Mancham playing at? How much has he been paid to campaign for Michel and Khalifa? Why doesn't he keep the last shred of respectability that some of us have for him and keep his mouth shut?
I totally agree with the last writer. A peaceful revolution in our country is long overdue.It is the only way that our lords and masters would get the message. Seselwa reveye pou nou pei before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

Good idea long overdue. . If we stand or walk they might break our skulls or even fire bullets like back there in the Arab world.

So we do like the best have done it. We seat in big groups around the city.

Silent protest is best

Anonymous said...

We should protest Pp dictatorship,it is high time.We should protest becuase it is our constitutional rights that we have not exercise for the last thirty-four years.We will protest to protect our sovereigntyand we say no ARAB TROOP STATIONED ON OUR CHRISTIAN LAND, no more selling of our patrimony to ARABS,No more dishing of our passports to foreirgners.We want REAL DEMOCRACY and a governement that is accountable.

We must protest all over the country.As to Michel ,it seems he is aware that the world is watching but since he does not understand who the world is watching i will remind him:Donkey the world is watching on you communist criminals -the world is telling you that it will not tolerate communist despots from shotting on their people when exercising their universal rightsnamely(freedom of expression)and that the International court will come for you should you massacred you own people like your brother Gadafi donkey.

Jeanne DÂrc

Anonymous said...

Jeanne D'Arc

Is calling others "Donkey" a reflection of Freedom of Expression to you? I'm worried..!!

Anonymous said...

Jeanne, calling someone donkey may well be freedom of speech, but it is also rather immature and not least a sign of asking not ot be taken seriously. If you wish to be taken serioulsy I suggest that you stick to being serious, sincere and not least refrain from speaking like a street-side drunk.

Anonymous said...

1. The electoral register is rigged;

2. Only 43% of voters according the Commissioner, inspected the list; it cannot be sufficiently credible for elections to proceed;

3. One party that does not negotiate with PL -MSR has been denied certification. This means the right to participate and the right to associate has been curtailed, along with the right to free expression and freedom of beliefs;

4.The Commonwelath Recommendations all 14 of them, have been ignored;

5. SBC is partial;

6. The Police Commissioner prevents assembly;

7. Use of force has been threatened on the residents of La Misere;

8. NDEA has become a para military wing under the control of State House.

There are more then enough reasons to take this government down by peaceful protest.

The only hitch is that SNP will give PL credibility by participating in the process.

Then they will complain later.

We call on all Seychellois to first, BOYCOTT these elections.

Our BOYCOTT will be our first voice.

Then the numbers will show our strength.

Then we protest the SHAM elections.

The electoral commissioner is appointed by a Presidential candidate and we asked along time ago that an Electoral Commission be created and from there, a Commissioner chosen has fallen on silent ears.

Anonymous said...

Will you boycott it?

Anonymous said...

YES we will boycott and we will take in the street and we will walk in to State House to get reed of the chair that Rene and Michel have sit on it for the last 34 years.

Rene and Michel have to put in mind when there introduce NYS what did happen on the street in Victoria we were against it.Because peoples who decide and make it chioce not this communist sytem,who always manupilate vote to stay in Power.

But this time we will not only in the street in Victoria,all over the island.This regime have to go.



Anonymous said...

Dream on...!!

Anonymous said...

Dream On-

Martin Luther King had a dream, and Obama today is president of one of the most racist countries in the world in the 1960's.

Nelson Mandela had a dream and spent over 27 years in prison for his dream.

Mandela walked out a President.

Paul Matheiu from IMF had a dream: $2.4 Billion was missing from the commercial banks of Seychelles and deposited into over seas accounts held by government officials of Seychellois citizenship.

That dream is TRUE.

Dream On, you too have a dream: "SESEL POU ARAB"!

I have a dream too: "SESEL POU SESELWA!"

Christopher Gill

Anonymous said...

I give Christopher a round of applause for his last comment.

Anonymous said...

Seselwa we have to be brave and fight for freedom with our heart in the streets.
This will be the only way for freedom,justice and a real Democracy in Seychelles and get reed of of this communist regime.

Zom Lib Michel we will make a madel of the most idiot President we ever have and ever see on the island.
who are selling us and our land with foreigners.

Politicians like PP there will never learn from there mistake thats why there must go 2011.

Sesel pou Seselwa.


Anonymous said...

So, what are we waiting for?

Sceptical said...

If political debates are not allowed how can one be engaged and informed as to the variuos platforms the parties are running on?If the opposition parties are not allowed air time.. to share their views to th people..this is not a democracy..

Anonymous said...

Right it is not democracy,it is communism, it is against all human improvement,human rights,freedom .liberties etc.That is why is our duty as a people to reverse the status quo imposed on us by pp .Democracy was our dream in 1976 when we fought for independence,but unfortunately a gang of thugs under the influence of drugs and brain washed by communst ideology decided to drag us into a dictatorship which the negative consequences we are still experiencing today.Pp dictatorship does not allow equal Air time ,freedom of assemblyhold election in order to remove them on power .They just cannot let go from the priviledges they illegally gave themselves.election is just a facade in an attempt to gain legitimacy and that is why we must boycott the already faked election in May.Since elctions do not provide us with a means for change we desire,then we are left with the option of boycotting the election ,take to the streets in order to tell Pp loud and clear that we will not legitimate the fraudulent election anymore,and by doing so, take back our country from those crooks and give it back to its real owner the people of Seychelles.

Sesel Pou Seselwa'

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Christopher you are Xenophobic... stop lying to yourself. You hate foreigners which is why you always say "Sesel Pou Seselwa" like pres Michel said how about English start saying "England is for Pommies" and start chasing those Seselwa that support their families and make a living there out, or even just telling them they are unwelcome. Do you think everyone over there has a job? NO! A Seselwa is doing a job whilst an Englishman is sitting on the street... get real.

Anonymous said...

Using racism as a tool will not change this reality,in fact the reason why pp and its cronies are trying to use racism as a way to divert the real issues is clear,they think by doing so we will legitimize the illegal selling of our patrimony to foreigners,legitimize the illegal selling of our passports thus legitimizing their crimes and accept those pseudo-seychellois like Ramboss,suliman and others as seychellois which we will not do, Why?beucase they are not seychellois.

Sesel Pou Seselwa is a fact like India is for indians,Pakistan is for Pakistanis,England is for english,France is for the french ,there is nothing to ague on communist it is a fact.

Jeanne D'Arc

Anonymous said...

Reply to False Accuser-

I am not Xenophobic (Fear of Foriegners). I welcome any foriegner to Seychelles who is remains disciplined to play by fair rules.

I do not encourage foriegners to come to Seychelles, to pay bribes, engage in corruption to keep a failing party in power.

Secondly, Seychelles is our country and it belongs to the SESELWA people. It does not belong to anyone that buys a passport. That underlying purchase is illegal and all purchases subsequent to the passport purchase is illegal. These persons are not welcomed to Seychelles.

Our Citizenship is not for sale. No exception.

Seychelles is a micro state, we have a tiny population, we cannot afford to displace our people while granting residency and citizenship to people we do not even know, but Craig Heegar tells government who to give them permits to. This is totally unacceptable.

Another example, we will not ever accept that Shiek Khalifa Bin AL Zayed al Nayan shall be permitted in interfere in the internal affairs of our country.

Seychelles does not belong to this man and we must stand up against the policy of "SESEL POU ARAB", that James Michel and James Mancham are currently advocating for his personal gain and interest.

We would not be able to go to UAE and do what Khalifa does here.Why should he be able to have a free run of our country?

No foriegner should have greater rights in Seychelles then any SESELWA!

What happened in ex-colonial England, concerns the Queen of England, not me. Though I admire her Majesty for her great tenacity and intelligence and class.

England is for the English. Who is English is decided by the English.


Anonymous said...

Why we are waiting!because we are still working on our plane and waiting for the right time to take on PP.

Anonymous said...

Michel,Libyans peoples are asking for ARMMINUTIONS from outside the world.

You are one of the most arms dealer in Africa continent, supplies them with a few AK-47.

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He always kept talking about this. I am going to forward this information to him.

Fairly certain he's going to have a very good read. Thanks for sharing!

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